Florida/Hell/Xmas/Manchester by the Sea

Florida–went to for Xmas. I had fun, but I also found it rather hideous.

Never again–Rt 60? So commercialized. Hell. on. earth. Just not into shopping culture.

Leepe Rattner gallery Tarpon Springs. Wonderful. Very illuminating.

Thai restaurant in St Pete where very drunk young woman in gold dress screamed at boyfriend and stalked out on tottering heels.
Later to return, minus guy. Meanwhile another guy who was with this couple was eating their entrees.

My heart gratified! So long since this kind of scene witnessed.

Someone on FB was like what? I was like didn’t you ever do this kind of thing in college?  I did. Actually last time was in my 30s, and quite heartbreaking. I was not drunk.

Snow in Pittsburgh, just a little. Eating rice and beans for breakfast. New Orleans style, none of this healthy caca. Salt pork style!

Think I will make list of new things I experienced in PB this year.  Maybe in 2017 someone will actually read this.

Exciting! MWAH!

BTW Manchester by the Sea just killed me.



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