The Sublime Intruded on by The Real

Went to the beach today .  Beach was great, deserted. I’m all communing with waves, light surf and older guy (actually not much older than me) comes up:

Guy sez:

Have you done your 10,000 steps?

Surprised I say no but working on it.

Sez do you have a pedometer?

(Getting irritated) I said yes (in fact I have like 100, as I used to get so many at conferences).

Sez do you know how many miles are in 10,000 steps.

I said nothing though w/ my dachshund steps I know it  is 3.6 miles.

I do not like direction of unwanted convo.

5 miles! He says. I say silent which is an old Irish thing I have perfected.

I am starting to scramble away but no.

All my Zen feels of bliss are departing.

He sez Do you know Brooke Astor?

I’m like no because she’s dead.

But I say yes I read Vanity Fair.

He says, she lived to be 120 or 130 because she did yoga!!

Who wants to live to 120  I think ? Plus she didn’t.

Anyway, I don’t wanna live much past 80.

Look Jack you’re gonna die no matter how much you stretch  I secretly think.

Also: fellow boomer let it go! Our day is done!

Yoga is nice but it’s gotten to be too much of a dogma for me.

He sez do you know how they used to say it was better to be a little stocky?

Nah! he cries shaking his head. He is dark, leathery. Not attractive.

But not stocky!

Waves light etc crashing behind him. I have tension headache.

Re stocky: Is he talking about me ?  Getting PO’d, Zen calm retreating.  My Inner Fenian emerging.

Well she was a millionaire I say thinking of Brooke’s  opulent apartment plus those society ladies are all xrays anyway.

WELL he says you know all those people do not have happy lives!

Oh please I think reflecting on Bronfman family relative who was at grad school with me who wrote dissertation about what a drag it was to be wealthy.

(I mean I understand life is hard but money does ease things).

Do you know Gloria Vanderbilt? guy continues…

Headache gets worse

Yes I say, resigned.

Well HER husband beat her up in first marriage he was awful!

Well have a nice day!  I say brightly, and flee.

Took a nice walk and gathered shells

Saw a Chinese artist’s work at musuem 1.3 hours up road.


Life is strange. But that’s the trick.

Salt always, with the sweet

As long as your time.



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