Pent up demand

I received my passport in the mail the other day, which was delightful. In part because my photo turned out to be not as bad as I had thought.
Then I made a decision to reorder my life in a certain way, which will give me more funding than I anticipated to travel.
I started research on where to go. I know what my first choice is and I am resisting the temptation to go to several places in one trip. ..the American buffet approach.
I investigated the how, thus mainly looked at solo traveler sites because I am very independent and like nothing better than to wander around cities without a destination (lately I’ve been thinking about the hidden life of cities, or the life of a city as told through its monuments—Pittsburgh has incredible monumental statuary everywhere.
Somewhat nervous about going to places I have never been to, but I have pulled myself through myriad travel nightmares in the US.
In my search process I found some…deals. I was agog with possibilities at this point.
One was round trip airfare to London via Iceland air, very inexpensive. Although you had to visit Iceland pre or post London. I’m somewhat interested in London but no offense Iceland there are many places I’d rather go before you. After years in Maine, I am temporarily sick to death of natural beauty.
Nevertheless I found myself on the brink, on the edge of booking but managed to teeter back to sanity.
It’s all very fun and I am excited. It feels like a lot of the pieces in my life are coming together ever since I made the great decision to leave small town life.


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